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artsmarts tip: tupperware palette
chirtescu wrote in artsmarts
The latest must-have "gadget" being advertised at your local art store is the re-sealable stay-wet palettes designed to keep your acrylic paints for sustained usage. A starter palette is $20 and then you have to buy re-fill sheets that you have to pre-moisten and put inside the container. I was contemplating purchasing this type of palette but the labour and the cost put me off. Fortunately there is a much more cost-effective and practical way to preserve your paints. I discovered this trick while flipping through John Hammond's inspired book, "Free expression in acrylics" and I found a photo of him using a tupperware container!
He didn't make any specific mention of his ingenious device but give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised. Your paints will stay wet for days if not weeks. As an added bonus you can use the lid as a mixing palette, though I still recommend using a broader tear-away palette just for ease of use and to avoiding muddying your colours too much within your tray. The container throws in lightly into your bag for outdoor painting, doesn't leak and the paints don't shift and mess up inside. Acrylic paints always peel off and wash away very easily so you can wash out the tupperware container every so often when your paints eventually do dry out. Give it a try, it's great!

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