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Welcome to Artsmarts!
chirtescu wrote in artsmarts
Hello and welcome to Artsmarts!

This blog has been created as a reference point for all sorts of art tips and tricks that have come in very handy for myself over the years. I have taken many art courses and studied many art books and I just wanted to create a space on the internet that will host these ideas in one place for your convenient reference. I initially had a lot of trouble finding information on the Internet about some of the techniques I will be talking about so hopefully there will be something new for everybody who visits my blog.

Over the next couple of days and weeks I will be adding content and I'm happy to receive suggestions and techniques I may never have heard of, so please send me an email at if you have any ideas you would like to share. My own ideas will only carry this blog so far. My intention is to build this site for future reference and then see how long it goes, maybe not for long, but the information will remain.

So please keep tuned and have a great art-making day!


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